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Long enough it seems have we profited economically at the expense of our planet. Our oceans are full of plastic, our forests are being destroyed and our glaciers are melting. Profits at all costs might be the paradox of our time. Politicians are stuck in economic systems built on eternal growth in a world with limited resources and most consumers are used to abundance while the less fortunate in our societies are struggling to make ends meet or are barely surviving in poverty. It is clear that this system is biased in favor of a few, but even more importantly it is not sustainable for generations to come. 


Capitalism has brought prosperity to many and shrunk poverty worldwide during the last century. By no means do we intend to paint capitalism as the devil of our time. However, it is time to critically examine our socio-economic systems, to put a positive impact next to profit, to factor in the cost of nature into our balance sheets as well as to reconnect with our compassion for other humans, animals, and nature. 


A platform from

people for people​.

When we think about how we can do good in this world, it quickly becomes overwhelming. The problems of the world are big, the systems are deeply rooted and controlled by money and power, and a whole industry of non-profits and financial institutions is already tackling them often without much success it seems. So what am I supposed to do? Where do I fit in? Who should I support? It is easy to push the responsibility away and get lost in our everyday bubble of problems. 

This is why we created this platform. We want to blow some fresh air in an industry that is filled with mistrust and black boxes. We want to make it transparent, easy, and fun for everyday people to do good. We want to create a community of like-minded people and empower them to engage and have a big positive impact together. 

We have a subscription for everything these days, so why not one to do good? With affordable and small contributions we can have an enormous effect if we all come together. We want to be a platform from people for people. By following the grassroots concept, we ensure that we, as a community, are independent of big donors that might be driven by other agendas.

Our mission is to do good and enable others to do good while creating real value for our subscribers.


Tackling the

entire value

chain of change.

By investing in our three pillars, the one4good platform, charity & humanitarian aid, and social entrepreneurship, we aim for a holistic approach to change.

The one4good web platform, also available as an app, is the centerpiece of our movement. It will inform and educate our subscribers about relevant topics as awareness is always the starting point of change. Further, it will be where our community interacts, contributes to our strategy, and where our members build up their impact investment portfolios. The platform will be the root of empowering our change movement and supporting sustainable projects around the world.

Charity is important to improve the conditions of people that are left behind by our current system, while humanitarian aid is there to help people that are in momentary hardship due to an emergency. We need to play a role in this area and give people in need a helping hand. We will support carefully handpick projects that represent our values and have a big impact on the people that need it most.

Social entrepreneurship is the core of our DNA. We are convinced that social entrepreneurship is the driver of change and the key to solve the big problems of our world in the long term. We believe that having a positive impact as well as profits is the right, sustainable, and future way of doing business. This is why we dedicate a lot of our time and money to support great people and projects that can truly transform the world for the better. In fact, this project is a social enterprise in itself.




When we talk about social entrepreneurship, we always mention profit alongside positive impact. It is important for us that our subscribers understand that without profits you cannot grow and without growth, you cannot have a big impact. If you don’t make money, you cannot attract talent by offering a competitive salary, you cannot invest in advertising and you cannot invest in innovation. All of these factors are so vital for growth. Because of this reason not all revenues we make from subscriptions or otherwise can purely be invested in projects.

However, we default to transparency so our members can follow the money at any point in time. We want to be held accountable by our community for what we do and how we do it. We fully commit to our promise that all investments are directed to either do good directly or to grow in order to be able to do even more good. The idea here is that a certain percentage of a huge pie is bigger than 100% of a small pie and we want to keep growing the pie.

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