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Ready or not, here we come!

We facilitate social and sustainable change by maximizing the impact of small contributions. Hereby, we focus on helping small to medium-sized projects with innovative ideas and highly motivated teams, that might not have the means to afford massive fundraising campaigns and certainly deserve to be more popular.

A bold move in crazy times.

What do you do when airplanes are grounded, shops are closed, and everyone runs around with a mask on their face?

Either get drunk every night lonesome in your home, or you make big plans to change the world. We went for the latter. As we try to stay positive, we hope this stupid virus just might be the big wake-up call we all needed.

In a time where young kids skip school on Fridays to demonstrate for their future and chain themselves to fences to rebel against the loss of our biodiversity, you would think positive change is starring us in the face.

However, the forces of our economic system as the interests of the powerful few are strong, still weighing heavily against any truly life-changing transformation.

Let's think grassroots, take responsibility and get active! 🌱

The birth of new technologies, such as Facebook or Instagram, enables us to spread information and unite millions of like-minded people easier than ever before.

At the same time, strong people-funded grassroots movements are popping up, as the ones of Bernie Sanders' or Ocasio-Cortez's in the US, giving regular people a voice and power. Focusing on small donations and limiting the maximum amount of one single donor, they seemingly expose an antidote to the conventional power dynamics of our capitalistic democracies, in which rather lobbyists decide our fate than the actual people themselves.

We can wait for the rich profit-driven few to come around and sacrifice for the better of the world, or we, the many, can unite, driving the necessary change forward.

As our wild places are shrinking, our oceans are filling up with plastic, and our climate is rising, doing nothing, ever more so clearly, is also a choice. In other words, our ignorance doesn't save us from harm.

This is why today we choose to do something.

The right time to take lots of "small" and make it big.

It is the dynamic of an increasingly conscious youth in a digital age and the power of grassroots movements that we want to build our platform on. A platform that is devoted to our mission to facilitate people-funded social and sustainable change by maximizing the impact of small contributions.

Leveraging small affordable monthly contributions of the sorts of Netflix or Spotify, we want to entertain our members but this time by showing them the impact of genuinely remarkable projects, made possible by their contributions in the first place.

Given we all have 10€ per month for our own entertainment, shouldn't it seem logical to invest at least 10€ per month to save our environment and future? In the end, it is merely the price of a long drink that if many come together can change the world.

The true heroes of this world often lack the attention and opportunities they deserve. Precisely those we are trying to seek out and provide with visibility and funding through our platform.

We focus on helping the small to medium-sized projects with innovative ideas and highly motivated teams, that might not have the means to afford massive fundraising campaigns and certainly deserve to be more popular.

These projects we want to match with the every so motivated people to do some good that we know are out there.

A group of impoverished children smiling

A balance between humans and nature.

Intensified by becoming a father in a few weeks, I wonder what kind of a world will we leave behind for generations to come.

It is essential to improve the today but equally vital to ensure a safe tomorrow. With our diverse fields of action, all to foster social and sustainable change, we are not only tackling our members' versatile interests but also following a systematic and holistic approach to change.

Basic human needs have to be to be covered in order to start thinking about sustainability. At the same time, without a healthy nature basic human needs cannot be met. It is the balance between both, human life and nature, we need to find.

Following this reasoning, we want to aim high as we set our vision to build a stable and healthy world where resources are equally shared, and we thrive in balance with the rest of the natural world.

We realize this is ambitious, as we will likely not see the light of such a world in our lifetime. Nevertheless, we truly hope that our company may have helped in creating it for generations to come. 🤞

As we try to be real, we like Zebras better than Unicorns.

Zebras are real, black and white, and fix what unicorns break, they say.

A movement that describes a vital shift of mindset for our economy, so necessary for a sustainable future. It stresses the need to rethink how we do business and to put impact next to profits, adding the cost of nature to our balance sheets.

In that spirit, we have created a particular structure guaranteeing that our company never loses sight of our purpose to establish life on our planet in balance with nature.

As such, our company can never be sold, nor can profits be paid out to our shareholders. A structure carefully chosen to underline our conviction that impact matters more than the enrichment of an individual.

Humble beginnings 🚀

The beginning of a new project is never easy, we surely know, but we couldn't be more motivated.

The thought of helping other humans and preserving our nature in the quest for a sustainable future is certainly one that makes us get up in the morning.

As we want to contribute to the worldwide movement towards sustainability, we plan to launch our early version of our mobile app by the end of the year.

To start, it will include a handful of inspiring projects that you will be able to support yet we plan to grow quickly.

In that spirit, we invite you to join the party, spread the word, and get active, that one day, we can inspire millions and drive significant change all around the world together.

Today, though, we simply start that journey.


**Nino **Co-Founder one4good #joinone4good ✌️🌍