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Two friends who want

to bring positive

change to the world.

We are two friends who are disappointed of politics, that keeps promising change, but still very little is actually changing. We are frustrated as current corrupted politics seem not to be the mechanism to achieve positive change. Further, we are disillusioned by most charity organizations and the classical approach of development aid, that what is often classified as the poverty industry.


We are two friends, who are sick of endless discussions, talks and protest-marches. We simply want to make the world to a better place. We want to be optimistic about the future and have trust in people. This is why we want to create a community, that is able to conjointly shape a better future of our planet.


 Startup Expert &


"This is my time to give back to the world some of the luck that I have gratefully received."

Being an entrepreneur and business angel for some years now, I have an understanding of how to manage a company and how to identify start-up projects & teams with great potential.


Over the last years, I came to the realisation that for my own motivation it is not sufficient to have a huge market size and a scalable product but that the purpose matters greatly. Solving a problem should be the root of any start up and with this start-up project I want to spent my time and my effort to solve problems that really matter. 


“I know my life is already privileged by simply having a European passport, having a roof over my head every night and plenty of food every day, and my privilege goes far beyond that. This is my time to give back to the world some of the luck that I have great fully received.”

"We don't have to do things the way we have always done them."

After years of working in the fields of innovation and change management, I had the chance to build up broad knowledge in agile working methods and in what is referred to as "New Work". I had the chance to meet and work with so many different kinds of people and cultures, and was given the opportunity to adapt an optimistic mindset.


Nowadays, as there is a lot of frustration, anxiety, uncertainty and fear of change in our societies, I want to take away people's fear of the unknown. I would like to encourage and enable people to actively shape the future of our society to a more sustainable, a more just and a more equal one.


„For me, change is something beautiful. We don’t have to do things the way we have always done them. If we know that something is going wrong, then we have to try to change it for the better.“


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