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We have done more damage to our world in the last 30 years than in the 200,000 previous ones.

We are in dire need of a fundamental economical and sociological transformation. The time to start transforming is now. To do nothing is simply not good enough.

That is why we created this subscription platform in order to make it easy and fun for subscribers to do good; to improve their awareness and knowledge, to adjust simple things in their personal lives and to engage in projects that truly transform the world for the better.

3 pillars for 


All revenues made from subscriptions will be invested in the following three pillars for change: 



The one4good platform is the base for our grassroots-movement to collect funds, fuel growth, inform our subscribers and support projects that have a positive and sustainable impact.
  • Information & education

  • Voting & participation 

  • Diverse project portfolio based on one4good theme months

  • one4good problem-solution-challenges

  • Regular publication of financial reports

social entreprises

To fundamentally change our economic system and create a sustainable future, we need to put positive impact alongside profits. one4good invests in projects that change the world.
  • one4good is an impact investor, investing in promising social enterprises

  • one4good is a social startup incubator & accelerator, funding and coaching new projects with positive impact

  • one4good will increase funding opportunities by leveraging its impact investor network

charity &


Charity & aid is needed in a world where no one is left behind. one4good invests in carefully hand-selected charity & aid projects that are directed to the unluckiest 10% in this world.
  • Monetary support of effective and short term focused charity & aid projects

  • Direct charity investments in small businesses of developing countries

  • Support of the movement against inefficient and harmful developing aid programs

Together we fight for...

... a more

sustainable economy.

Our fields of action.














new ways of farming





Discover our


As we are just getting started our funds are limited. That's why we will start to support a few carefully hand selected projects.


All the projects, we choose to collaborate with, want to achieve social, ecological or economical change.


Working with farmers for farmers

Plastic Bank

Empowering the world to stop ocean plastic 

As an independent and transparent grassroots-platform, we grow with the number of our subscribers, supporters and fans. The more subscribers, the faster we grow and the more impact we'll have.

All revenues made from subscriptions will be invested in sustainable projects and in efforts of raising more awareness for the problems the world is facing.

Precious Plastic

Start a business from plastic waste

Charity Water

Bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in development countries

We want to inspire and enable ordinary people to effect extraordinary change. We want to bring people together and help them to take a stand against inequality, injustice and the destruction of our planet.

Our milestones and what we can achieve, together.

We raise our funds through our subscribers to stay independent of big donors and avoid financial interests or political motives corrupting our purpose and action. For the same reason transparency is vital to us, so all members can keep track of how we invest our revenues and of the impact we achieve.

up to



Available funds up to 
  • Getting the one4good movement started

  • Development of the one4good web platform and app

  • Support of first social projects 

up to
Available funds up to 



  • one4good social startup challenges

  • Social startup incubation & acceleration 

  • Additional projects in more diverse fields

  • More platform functions e.g. subscriber participation & voting

up to



Available funds up to 
  • Political movement & influence

  • Public events and podium discussions

  • one4good social venture capital funding

  • More and bigger projects

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