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Let's dream big

Your monthly contribution supports our projects and one4good. 70% goes directly to the projects, while the other 30% helps us to grow and raise even more funds for the same. The concept is clear. 70% of a big pie is more than 100% of a small pie, and we want to create the biggest pie possible!


Purpose trumps profit

We are a purpose company meaning that the company can never be sold and no profits can be paid out to shareholders. In fact, all revenues generated remain to run the company, grow the platform and, most importantly, support our projects.





Fighting against poverty and for equal opportunities.


Promoting gender parity and preventing violence against women.


Providing emergency aid and improving integration.

Elderly, Sick & Disabled

Improving quality of life and promoting inclusion.


Wildlife & Animals

Protecting animals, endangered species, and biodiversity.


Reducing environmental pollution and plastic waste.

Healthy Oceans

Stopping overfishing and ocean pollution.

Trees & Forest

Fighting deforestation and restoring forests.


Social Entrepreneurship

Solving social and environmental problems through innovation.

Renewable Energy

Reducing CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy.

Farming & Diet

Promoting smart and organic farming, and a plant-based diet.

Recycling & Upcycling

Promoting circular economy and reducing waste production.

About Us

Today we choose to do something.

Disappointed in corrupted politics that promise big change but keep falling short and frustrated with an economic system that rather contradicts sustainability than pushing it forward, two friends are embarking on a journey wanting to make a difference.

A journey that shall contribute to finding a balance between human life and nature on our planet. A journey that shall enable many people to affect big change with small contributions. A journey that shall turn endless discussions and talks into something tangible. And if anything, a journey that shall simply make the world a bit of a better place.


Nikolas Jaeger

Being an entrepreneur and business angel for some years now, I learned how to manage a company as well as how to identify projects with great potential. Now I want to use this experience to solve problems that really matter.

I know my life is already privileged by simply having a European passport, having a roof over my head every night and plenty of food every day, and my privilege goes far beyond that. This is my time to give back to the world some of the luck that I have gratefully received.


Daniel Jarnecic

I've spent several years in innovation management, helping companies to develop user-centered products and services, and in the fields of New Work, helping people and companies to adapt to the needs of a fast-changing professional world. There I've learned that a different way of working and entrepreneurship is possible. That change is possible.

Now, I want to use this knowledge and achieve change on a bigger scale. I want to live in a world where we live together in peace, where the difference of sex, skin color, or religion doesn't matter. In a world where we protect nature and conserve our planet for the generations to come. In a world where money isn't the sole and highest good anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does one4good do?

one4good is a mobile app platform empowering social and sustainable change.

By preselecting quality projects as by creating a transparent and fun user experience, we want to enable...

What is one4good’s vision & mission?


Our vision is to build a stable and healthy world where resources are shared equally, and we thrive in balance with the rest of the natural world.


Our mission is to...

How does the one4good platform work and what happens to my monthly contribution?

When you subscribe to our monthly donation model you support our projects as well as one4good.

70% of your contribution goes directly to our projects increasing their impact....